YNOT Grand Prix Races

The European Summit 2016 Barcelona: YNOT Grand Prix

The TES Barcelona leg of the YNOT GP's seventh season took place at Scratch Indoor Karting Penedès, renowned for its professionally designed, complex 680-meter course. It’s an incredible track, with many tight turns, a few fast straightaways, tunnels and ramps. Heart-pounding racing action commenced February 29th at 6 p.m. and continued until 9 p.m.  Huge thanks to sponsors: JuicyAds, Payze, Mistral, Traffic Mansion, FNCash and Studio-20.ro.

The Phoenix Forum 2016: YNOT Grand Prix

From a field of 50 drivers, Americans took the top two trophies at the 2016 YNOT Grand Prix’s Phoenix leg.  Chris from JuicyAds won the gold, barely edging out second-place finisher Chris from Way3 Hosting. Both men are Americans.  Nice job, guys! Now the fans in the YNOT Grand Prix’s home country can take the bags off our heads.  Roald from the Netherlands placed third. Canadians dominated the rest of the pack.  More details on YNOT.