XBIZ Miami 2018

Miami 2018 Day One

The perfect weather in Miami combined with the pool made day one of XBIZ Miami a lot of fun!

XBIZ Miami Day Two

Day Two of Miami looks like a lot of fun in the pool!

XBIZ Miami 2018 Day Three

Day three of Xbix Miami 2018 got kind of sexy!

Miami 2018 White Party

Everyone likes dressing up in white for a White Party... And the angels were stunning!

XBIZ Miami 2018 Bikini Contest

Everyone loves a bikini contest!

XBIZ Miami 2018 Mankini Contest

The Mankini Contest had more naked chicks than naked men!

XBIZ Miami 2018 Jasmin Studio 20 Dinner

Jasmin and Studio 20 got together and threw a great dinner party for everyone!

XBIZ Miami 2018 Yacht Party

You can't go to Miami without going to the yacht party!

XBIZ Miami 2018 Awards Show

The XBIZ Awards Show ended up in the pool at the very end! How sexy is that?