TES Spain 2022

TES 2022 Spain Pre-Day

The "pre-day" is the day before the main event... When everyone rolls into town. It's actually one of the best days of a show!

TES 2022 Spain Day One

Day one of TES Spain got off to slow start. You know the drill, everyone tired from their trip... But it quickly picked up and lots of business got done!

TES 2022 Spain Day Two

Day two of TES was perfect.... Spain is a beautiful location for the show and everyone was enjoying themselves!

TES 2022 Spain Day Three

By the third day everyone was tried but it was more of the same - getting things done and quickly trying to set up last minute meetings!

TES 2022 Spain Dating Kings BBQ

The number one rule at a show is eat when you can... When the food is good and the food is free that is the perfect time to do business!

TES 2022 Spain Live Cam Awards

Everyone loves dressing up for an awards show! Good times and good food!

TES 2022 Spain Olga & Brad

Olga and Brad from Mojo Host had an engagement party... Fancy! Now that's just good Mojo...