Phoenix Forum 2017

X2K Golf Tournament

The X2K Golf Tournament at Phoenix Forum this year was a huge success -and the sexy golf girls were a huge plus!

Phoenix Grand Prix 2017

The Grand Prix - sponsored by Juicy Ads - had one of the largest turnouts in recent memory. The winner was Chris Kelly from Way3 Hosting. 

Morning Hike

Seems some people were willing to get up early in the morning to go on a hike. These are the people that did not drink enough the night before!

Phoenix Forum 2017 Day One

The thing that makes Phoenix Forum so great is the weather - it's always perfect for hanging out side and making business deals. And if that doesn't work, there is always the pool!

Phoenix Forum 2017 Day Two

The second day of Phoenix Forum was just as busy as the first!

Phoenix Forum 2017 Suite Parties

The close of Day Two of Phoenix Forum 2017 got more crazy than it has in recent years.... Every one had a fun!!!

Phoenix Forum 2017 Day Three

Day Three of Phoenix forum was all about the pool.... What can be more fun than doing business by the pool?

Dodgeball Antics

Phoenix Forum would not be the same without Naked Dodgeball! This year things got intense and we had some wounded players!

Phoenix Forum 2017 Closing Party

Some parties are better than other, and the closing party at Phoenix Forum has always been one of the best parties in the industry. It seems this year was more of the same and lots of random craziness!