European Summit 2022 Prague

TES Prague 2022 Day One
TES Prague 2022 Day Two

Day Two of TES Prague 2022!

TES Prague 2022 Day Three

Even on day three there was still a lot of work to get done!

TES Prague 2022 Duplex

Every show has a great party... .TES Prague had a fantastic party at the Duplex club!

TES Prague 2022 Mojo Pre Party

Leave it to Mojo Host to throw the opening party..... That's good Mojo!

TES Prague 2022 YNOT Awards

The YNOT Awards Show at TES is the very best awards show for all of Europe!

TES Prague 2022 Boat Cruise

Flirt4Free and New Media Services had a... boat cruise! This must be one of the best events of the show. Who wouldn't enjoy a leisurely cruise with a hundred of your business associates and friends? 

TES Prague 2022 Dating Kings BBQ

The Dating Kings BBQ Party is always fun!

TES Prague 2022 Closing Parties

Every good adult trade show has to come to an end and of course there are the final parties!