2018 TES Prague

TES Prague 2018 Mojo Bus

One of the hassles of shows is getting from the airport to the convention hotel... It seems Mojo has it all covered! Then food!

TES Prague 2018 Day One

Day one of The European Summit looked overly productive. It also seems like some people were able to take out their aggressions at the rifle range which is always fun!

TES Prague 2018 Day Two

The second day of Prague looked like a lot of fun!

TES Prague 2018 Day Three

No one seemed to look tired on day three!

TES Prague 2018 Rooftop Party

Mojo is taking the lead by having an opening party in Prague - on the roof!

YNOT Awards 2018

We might be somewhat biased, but the YNOT Awards show was the biggest event at The European Summit! It's always great when everyone gets all dressed up!


When IMAX throws a BBQ they really throw a BBQ