2017 LAL Expo

LAL EXPO 17 Pre Show Party & Boat Ride

Things got off to a great start for the pre show party and bike ride for LAL Expo 2017!

LAL EXPO 17 Day One

All of of the pictures from the first day of LAL EXPO 2017 - the perfect blend of business and fun. 

LAL EXPO 17 Day Two

Day two of LAL EXPO was more about having fun - and lot less of business!

LAL EXPO 17 Day Three

Day three of LAL EXPO had some business going on but it was still lots of fun!

LAL EXPO 17 Streamate Boat Ride

The Streamate boat ride party was a killer event!

XLove Dinner

XLove Dinner at LAL EXPO 2017 in Colombia!

LAL EXPO Freewebcams White Party

The Freewebcams white party was a complete blast - everyone was in white!

LAL EXPO 17 Chiva Bus Ride

Some bus rides at shows are better then others... This ride was a complete blast!

LAL EXPO 17 Awards

The awards show at LAL EXPO was the most attended event from the entire trip!

LAL EXPO 17 Jasmine Party

Everyone wore red for the Jasmine party and it was very, very grand - and sexy too!

LAL EXPO 17 Carnival Party

Why work when you can attend the Carnival Party? 

Bucharest Summit 2017 Day One

Everyone was quick to get down to business on Day One of the Bucharest Summit!